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China. New Power Dynamics in the XXI Century

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China. New Power Dynamics in the XXI Century
Autor: Arturo Oropeza García
ISBN 9786073034616

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On the threshold of the third decade of the 21st century, China remains a challenge open to interpretation, just as the West is largely for China. A challenge, that fleeing from the mutual prejudices of the parties and of the common places, apires to the construction of a new global dialogue in tune with the major issues of our time.

The 70th anniversary of the triumph of the People's Republic of China Revolution is presented as a new opportunity to review the progress on the subject during these seven decades in which this phenomenon has gone through multiple interpretations and approaches.

China presents us with two positions in time. The first concerns the obligation to see it in retrospect, if we accept the suggestion of Leys and we want to appropiate its complete knowledge. But this possition also overflows into the future, in line with a restless change that commits us to follow it in a systematized way if we do not want to be knitting over the past of a China that has already changed.

Past and future as explanatory engines within an overflowing present that frequently invite us to immediacy and error.